This collection of resources for congregations intends a reverent and faithful response to the events of 9-11, critical thought about the global posture of our nation in the last decade, and hopeful encouragement as people of faith find their way. In these materials:

    • we remember the suffering of the victims and survivors of 9-11 and their families,
    • we honor those who risked their lives to save others,
    • we grieve the enormous disruption of civilian life in the Middle East region and the hundreds of thousands of civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan who died and continue to die in the conflict,
    • we respect men and women and their families, in the armed services of this nation and all nations, especially those who have given their lives for the security of others,
    • we seek to transform our desperation and our anger into ministries of truth telling and hopeful reconciliation,
    • together we seek to discern what it means to be faithful followers of Jesus, committed to a just peace in the continuing global crises, and
    • we implore our national leaders to give highest priority to diplomatic and negotiated settlement of global conflicts.

We hope the resources we’ve gathered will help individuals, congregations, and ministeriums reflect deeply, pray faithfully, and act justly. We also hope you will participate in the worship events highlighted. Please tell us what resources you used, what setting you used them in, and what peace education and worship resources you would like LIPW to gather for you in the future by clicking here.