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Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness is a grassroots association dedicated to promoting biblical values of justice, care of creation, peace and nonviolent solutions to conflict.

FCNL Call to Conscience on Climate

Categories: Action Alerts

April 2017

The president’s proposal to slash the EPA budget and roll back climate protections will decimate programs that support scientific research on climate change, as well as programs that protect our air, water, and land.

With the “Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption,” FCNL has helped grow the Climate Solutions Caucus in Congress, which now has nearly three dozen Republican and Democratic members committed to policy options to address this global threat.  We support the statements and actions these members of Congress can take to counter the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental protections.

As Earth Day is celebrated in April, FCNL is lobbying Congress to protect our air and water, and take action to address climate change. Your letters to the editor on both the issues addressed above will bring attention of legislators to the vision of their constituents. 

Author: LIPW

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