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Action Alert: Tell the FBI and DOJ to Investigate Bomb Threats on JCCs

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Dear friends,

Bomb threats emptied 29 Jewish schools and community centers across the US on Monday, a day after a Jewish cemetery was desecrated.

“It feels like hate has gone mainstream,” a New York area Rabbi told the press.

But so has all American solidarity. Muslim American activists have raised over $100,000 to repair the cemeteries, and Jewish Americans are boosting a fundraiser for a Florida mosque set on fire!

That “we look out for each other” version of America is leading by example. It’s time for the FBI and the Justice Department to follow, by aggressively investigating and prosecuting these crimes. Sign now if you agree:

FBI and DOJ: Investigate the hate crimes spreading across the country!

Monday’s threats are the latest in an antisemitic hate spree breaking out everywhere: almost 100 Jewish institutions have been targeted since the beginning of 2017. Over the weekend 500 graves at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia were toppled over, after hundreds of Jewish graves were desecrated in St. Louis.

It’s part of a broader pattern of hate crimes against African Americans, immigrants and LGBTQ people that’s surged since the election. Throughout it all the White House has been conspicuously silent, though Trump paid lip service to the attacks during his joint speech to Congress on Tuesday. But earlier the same day Trump implied that some of the bomb threats were coming from within the Jewish community!!

The venerated Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has called him out for it, saying, “Make no mistake: The anti-Semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration.”

The White House may be missing in action, but there are over a million Avaaz members across the country, and the hate-mongers are no match for us. If we’re loud enough we can push the FBI and the DOJ to investigate, and shut down these crimes before they spread any further:

FBI and DOJ: Investigate the hate crimes spreading across the country!

The next few years are going to require that we all look out for each other, and that we speak up when our fellow citizens are under attack. Luckily it’s one of the core principles that weaves this community together, solidarity, compassion and fellowship.

With hope and determination,

Joseph, Nick, Andrew, Dalia and the whole Avaaz team

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